Wine Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

March 9th, 2015

With less than a week to go, you may be looking for ideas – or you may be dropping hints! We have lots of great ideas to give you some inspiration – a selection of sumptuous quality guaranteed wine gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression.

Fruity White
Did you know that Britain’s most popular wine is the zesty and fruity Sauvignon Blanc? You will find a really wide selection of Sauvignon Blanc in the Wine Palate online store. Next to Chardonnay it is the most widely produced white wine varietal in the world.

Claymore Purplerain Sauvignon Blanc-th Pink heart single bottle gift bag wtrh_wooden-heart-shaped-gift-tag

Our pick this Mother’s day is the Prince of Sauvignon Blanc – Claymore Purple Rain. From Clare Valley in Australia it is bright, fresh and full of passion fruit and guava notes. Something a little different and one of the most popular whites at our recent Glasgow Wine Festival. Pair with our heart design wine gift bag and tag for a gift sent with love. (£16.15 at Wine Palate)




Delicate Rose’ Wine
With a wide range of beautiful Rose’ wines from £5.95 at Wine Palate, there is plenty to choose from. We have however picked out a Rose’ from France with a first class reputation.Chateau Beaulieu Rose-smlChateau Beaulieu Alexandre Rose’ is a high quality example of the fresh, dry and delicate rose’ wines from the Provence region. From a family owned vineyard, the wine is a beautiful pale raspberry colour with delightful aromas of strawberry and redcurrant. Good value for money. £11.55 from Wine Palate (RRP £13.55)

Juicy Red

Montes Alpha were the first Chilean winemakers to produce premium quality wine, and we are huge fans of their Pinot Noir. Also one of our customers’ favourite reds from our Glasgow Wine Festival and winner of a Silver Sommelier Wine Award. Medium bodied, fruity and deliciously easy drinking you will find Montes Alpha Aconcagua Pinot Noir bursting full of violet, vanilla and red berry notes. At £13.75 this is a really impressive winMontes Alpha Aconcague Pinot Noir- smle for its’ price point. Pop a bottle into our beautiful wine grape gift bag for a stunning gift.

Grape vine single bottle gift bag




A touch of luxury

Something a little usual, and a bit special, is Blanc is Noirs. Sparkling white wine made with black  grapes using the Champagne method  produces a delightful sparkling wine with a pale pink hue. From Burgundy in northern France this stunning bottle of Louis Bouillot Perle Noir has wonderful red fruit aromas and a fine elegant mousse – a sparkling wine that will not disappoint. Present in a silk lined solid wood gift box for a luxurious touch. Louis Bouillot Perle Noir £15.95 and Luxury Wooden Wine Gift Box £14.99 from Wine Palate.

Louis Bouillot Perle Noire Blanc de Noirs Brut-sml wlh1_1-bottle-luxury-wooden-box-hinged-stained-silk-lining



All wines from Wine Palate are backed by our money back quality guarantee. No  minimum order, and collect reward points with every purchase.







The Best Wines To Serve This Christmas

December 9th, 2014

Whether you are serving turkey or game – or something different, it’s always reassuring to know the wine will enhance the occasion. So here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best wines to serve this Christmas. If you are having something more unusual, pair the perfect wine by looking up our food and wine pairing guide.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Find the perfect wine for each course

Pre dinner/lunch is the perfect time to pop some fizz – read more on how to find your way to the perfect festive fizz.

Starters are normally lighter flavoured, so you can either stay on the fizz, or switch to a white. Invivo Marlborough Sauvignon blanc will get you off to a good start. It’s a gorgeous multi award winner from superstar winemakers Invivo (sponsors of the Graham Norton Show). Fresh, refined and full of fruit flavours.
Our Price £12.25 RRP £13.95)

For the turkey course – turkey is quite a strong flavoured white meat so you have a few options;  pair with a fuller flavoured white wine such as Chardonnay (if white is your preference), a rose’ – generally really versatile for food matching, or if you prefer red – a light to medium bodied red such as Pinot Noir or Merlot.

Wine Palate picks for matching with turkey

Montes Classic Series Chardonnay from Wine Palate

Montes Classic Series Chardonnay – a good match for Turkey

Montes Classic Series Chardonnay from Chile, a great quality wine for the price, and goes particularly well with poultry. Fruity,with hints of vanilla from oak ageing. Our Price: £9.15 (RRP £10.55)

Ca dei Frati Rosa dei Frati from Wine Palate

Ca dei Frati Rosa dei Frati from Wine Palate


Ca Dei Frata Rose’ De Frati is a refreshing top quality dry rose’ from the best producers in Lugana in Northern Italy. Our Price £14.95 (RRP £17.45)


And for the red, Graceland Merlot is a stunning quality boutique red wine from South Africa – and a perfect match for Turkey and Cranberry Sauce. Better still it’s on offer right now, you save £6.90 per bottle. Our Price: £14.95 (RRP £21.85)


Desserts – A dessert wine always goes down well at Christmas – not just because it’s great with Pavlova, Trifle and Christmas pudding, but also fab with your cheese board. Try Los Pecadilos Glotionia – perfect for Christmas fayre. A Gold Decanter award winner, it’s rich and sensuous with melt in the mouth flavours.
Our Price £8.95 (RRP £10.25)


Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at Wine Palate UKHow much wine will I need?

Different people drink different amounts – and you know your guests better than anyone – but here’s some thoughts to help you along. A bottle of wine will serve just over 4 x 175ml servings (a small glass), although you will probably serve larger measures. If you are planning a different wine with each course (with some having a second glass and others a “little top up”), for 5 adults you will need around 2 bottles for each course.


The best wines to serve this Christmas are those that pair well with stronger flavoured foods. For inspiration to try something new or for help to find the perfect match for the food you are serving, use our Wine Finder food matching tool online at  Simply select the category of wine you prefer by grape type (Chardonnay for example), country or by price. Use the Wine Finder to the left of the page to select your preferred food and you will see our personally recommended wines to match.



All wines from The Wine Palate are backed by a money back quality guarantee, there’s no minimum order, and you collect reward points with every purchase.


Find Your Way To The Best Festive Fizz

December 1st, 2014

Champagne and Sparkling WineWhether you are looking for Champagne, or quality sparkling wine that won’t stretch the purse strings, you’ll find what you are looking for at Wine Palate. Here’s a quick guide to the best of Festive Fizz along with some of our top picks for the festive season – all with sparkling savings on RRP.

When only Champagne will do

Are Big Name Champagne Brands Best?

The renowned Champagne houses of Laurent Perrier, Krug and Louis Roederer are famed the word over (find all these brands and more at They consistently produce elegant styles of Champagne year in year out and there is no doubt of their quality.  However, you usually pay a premium for the brand name.

Are all Champagnes the same?

Champagne is made predominantely from the black grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, blended with the white grape, Chardonnay. A second fermentation in the bottle produces the bubbles. All Champagne producers make Champagne by the same method, using the same blend of grapes with some varient on the percentage of each grape in the blend. Some producers will use more Chardonnay in their blend for an easier drinking Champagne.

Can you spot a good Champagne from the label?

Brand names can command a price, however when we look at quality and taste versus price, we often find smaller independent producers offer more value for money. The Champagne region is divided into classifications by village, each rated between 1-100. Typically, the lowest rated villages in Champagne score  80%. Premier Cru villages are rated between 90 and 99% and Grand Cru villages are rated 100%.

You will find the highest quality Champagnes with Premier Cru or Grand Cru on the label, and there are some fabulous small independent producers in these villages. Two of our picks:

Pierre Mignon Grand Reserve Premier Cru Champagne £22.45

Pierre Paillard Grand Cru Champagne £27.55

Compare these prices to some of the big brand Champagnes which are generally not produced in these prestigious classifications and

Armand de Brignac Gold Ace of Spades with presentation box £249.50 from Wine Palate

Armand de Brignac Gold Ace of Spades with presentation box £249.50 from Wine Palate

the smaller independents are definately worth looking at. Don’t get me wrong, a bottle of the  spectacular Armand de Brignac Gold Ace of Spades is something pretty special, however for high quality Champagne at a fraction of the cost,  try the small independent producers.



Similar in style to Champagne without the price tag

Blanc de Blancs

Vinaceous Burlesque Blanc de Blanc £15.75 from Wine Palate

Vinaceous Burlesque Blanc de Blanc £15.75 from Wine Palate


Blanc de Blancs is made using the same grapes and same method as champagne – but not in the Champagne region. A similar style at a fraction of the price. You will find some good examples of this style of sparkling wine from France, England and Australia from only £8.85 at Wine Palate online.

Stunning Sparklers for toasts


Prosecco is Italy’s most famous sparkling wine. and is produced in a different way to Champagne to create the bubbles. The grape used is Glera, unique to Italy, which gives  lighter flavours, often of apple and pear. Being an easy drinking sparkler it’s a popular choice for a welcome drink or aperitif. Look out for two different styles of this wine – Spumante’ (full fizz) or Frizzante (half fizz). You will usually find Spumante to be drier and Frizzante slightly sweeter.

Wine Palate pick – Pradio Passaparola Prosecco Spumante £9.95 (rrp (£11.45). A full fizz cracker.


Anna de Codorniu Cava Brut from Wine Palate

Anna de Codorniu Cava Brut £10.25 from Wine Palate

Produced mainly in Catalonia, Spain, Cava was known as “Spanish Champagne” in days gone by. Made using the Champagne method and local Spanish grape varietals. There are many different styles of Cava, from very dry, full flavoured examples to refined, lighter styles. Anna de Codorniu is a good example of an elegant style of Cava. From Spain’s number one producer it is soft, elegant, well balanced and refreshing. £10.25 from Wine Palate online.


With plenty to choose from at it’s a great time to sort out your festive sparklers.






All wines from The Wine Palate are backed by a money back quality guarantee, there’s no minimum order, and  collect reward points with every purchase



Wine Gift Ideas For Christmas

November 19th, 2014

Wine Gifts at Wine Palate

Can you believe there are only five weekends until Christmas? Ideas, lists and gift shopping are all on the agenda at the moment and if you have someone on your list deserving an exclusive gift, we have some great wine gift ideas to share with you.

There are a couple essentials to consider when selecting the perfect wine gift. One is, know you are handing over a bottle of good quality. Let’s face it, none of us want to be responsible for presenting a horrendous hangover along with our gift. And two – know that you have chosen something that your recipient will actually drink and enjoy (not use in their next recipe!).

For quality – look for quality guarantees from your supplier before making your purchase (that rules out selecting your wine gift from a row of nice looking labels on a shelf in your local store!), and read our guide to selecting the best wine gift. It’s easy when you know how.


For the wine lover who likes to experiment

A mixed case is a good idea if you know the recipient enjoys a variety of wines – and likes to experiment a little. Presentation still matters for a mixed case gift. Don’t go for boring old labels, choose something that makes an eyecatching presentation when the bottles are grouped together.

Our picks for a mixed case gift:

Perfect for Italian wine fans

Alpha Zeta Classic Italian Collection

Alpha Zeta Classic Italian Collection


Our Alpha Zeta Classic Italian collection includes six of Italy’s most famous wines; Amarone, Corvina, Garganega, Pinot Grigio, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso and Soave. Your gift recipient will enjoy working their way through the alphabet of these top quality wines. Mixed case of six just £69.65 (rrp £80.40)







For the music fan who also enjoys a nice glass

Claymore Wines Mixed Case

Claymore Wines Mixed Case


Don’t mistake these wines for a gimmick. Claymore wines are the real deal and one of the best wine gift ideas we have seen. Australian wines of premium quality and taste. In fact Claymore “Walk on the Wild Side” Shiraz and their “Purple Rain” Sauvignon Blanc were two of the most popular wines with customers at our recent Glasgow Wine Festival.

A case of six Claymore Wines is just £83.90 (rrp £96.50) and includes  two of:

Claymore “You’ll Never Walk Alone” GSM
Claymore “Purple Rain” Sauvignon Blanc
Claymore “Walk On The Wild Side” Shiraz



 For the theatrical person in your life


Vinaceous Wines Mixed Case

Vinaceous Wines Mixed Case

The creativity of Director Nick Stacey of Vinaceous Wines shows no bounds in the design of these striking labels, each based on mystical beings from a bygone era. The concept was to produce seven distinctive wines representing seven personalities – men, women, angels, demons, mermaids and other creatures of mythology. All in the style of  theatrical/circus posters from the ‘30s and ‘40s.
And the wine? Well, as producers of premium quality Australian wine from the Margaret River region, you won’t be disappointed.

A case that’s sure to be a talking point with the lucky recipient and a good all round selection of classic wines:

“Sirenya” Pinot Grigio
“Shakre” Chardonnay
“Divine” Light Sauvignon Blanc
“Red Right Hand” Shiraz/Grenache/Tempranillo blend
“Snake Charmer” Shiraz
and “Raconteur”  Cabernet Sauvignon


For the wine lover who likes their tried and tested favourites

Mar da Pahla Portugese Sauvignon Blanc

Mar da Pahla Portugese Sauvignon Blanc

There is nothing wrong with sticking with a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Noir if you know someone who absolutely relies on this as their

favourite wine. However try to think a little “out of the box” and perhaps choose a more unusual wine region such as a Sauvignon Blanc from Portugal or a Pinot Noir from Germany. Different wine regions produce many different styles of the same grape varietal so why not try something you don’t see on the high street every day?

You can find a huge selection of guaranteed quality single bottles of wine to buy online from around £6.00 at

For the connoisseur

Wakefield St Andrews Shiraz a collectors fine wine

Wakefield St Andrews Shiraz a collectors fine wine


The connoisseur is likely to have tried their fare share of quality wines and although it may seem intimidating buying for this person, there are a couple of ways to really impress. The first thing to do is have a budget in mind for this gift, and instead of blowing the budget on several wines under £10, select one bottle of wine that:

– Is from a wine region known for producing fine wines (your wine merchant should be able to advise you on this or you can select from the Wine Palate white or red fine wine collection).

– Is not mass produced (i.e not found in supermarkets or chain stores)

Present this gift in a quality wine gift box and you are good to go.

Quality Crystal Glass Frio Decanter

Quality Crystal Glass Frio Decanter with detachable cooler base

If you still feel nervous about buying for a connoisseur, consider buying wine accessories instead. A quality glass decanter or good quality wine glasses never go wrong. You can find quality wine accessories online at Wine Palate.










 And for something a little different

Brix Chocolate and Wine Tasting Party Set

Brix Chocolate and Wine Tasting Party Set


Chocolate and wine are actually a wonderful match, and this Chocolate and wine tasting kit makes a fantastic gift at just £29.95.  All you need to do is add wine (find our recommended wine matches online at or just present the set on its’ own. The set comes complete with instructions and includes the wooden chopping board and knife set. Something different!



All wines from Wine Palate are backed by a money back quality guarantee, there’s no minimum order, and you collect reward points with every purchase.



Star Wines From The Glasgow Wine Festival

November 8th, 2014
Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival

Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival


After many months of planning, our first Glasgow Wine Festival took place in October. What an amazing day!

The beautiful Trades Hall in Glasgow provided the perfect atmosphere, talented pianist Douglas Johnston added a wonderful ambience, and a fabulous crowd of 400 fellow wine lovers made the day. With 80 stunning wines on show from some of our best producers it was a hard job to pick out only a few wines to highlight, so we let our customers do the talking and share with you their favourites from the day.

Pierre-Antoine Mairet presenting Chateau Tour de Capet Saint Emillon Grand Cru at Glasgow Wine Festival

Pierre-Antoine Mairet presenting Chateau Tour de Capet Saint Emilion at Glasgow Wine Festival

The Reds

Montes Alpha Aconcagua Pinot Noir

Montes Alpha Aconcagua Pinot Noir


Claymore Walk On The Wild Side Shiraz premium Australian Shiraz, delightfully smooth and amazing value for money.  Pairs well with game, steak and smoked meats, an ideal festive wine. £14.75 (RRP £16.95).


Chateau Tour de Capet St Emilion Grand Cru

Chateau Tour de Capet St Emilion Grand Cru

Chateau Tour de Capet Saint Emilion Grand Cru exceptional value for a Bordeaux of this quality, ripe and full flavoured berry notes and hints of wooden cigar boxes. The standout wine of the day for many. £23.15 (RRP £26.65)


Montes Alpha Aconcagua Pinot Noir light, flavourful easy drinking red. Silver Sommelier Wine Award Winner. £13.75 (RRP £15.85)


Graceland Strawberry Fields

Graceland Strawberry Fields

Graceland Strawberry Fields beautifully hand crafted outstanding quality South African red wine blend full of savoury red fruit flavours £19.85 (RRP £22.85).


White favourites

Claymore Purple Rain Sauvignon Blanc wonderful fresh white wine with aromas of passion fruit and guava from cool climate Clare Valley in Australia, a region renowned for top quality Sauvignon Blanc.  £12.95 (RRP £14.85)

Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival

Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival

Claymore Purple Rain Sauvignon Blanc

Claymore Purple Rain Sauvignon Blanc


Los Haroldos Torrontes Wine critic Jancis Robinson also voted this as her number one Argentinian white wine, very easy drinking fresh and dry, with notes of grape and peach. £7.95 (RRP £8.95)


Cazes Organic Muscat Viognier delightful fruity dry white wine with citrus and tropical fruit flavours. £11.45 (RRP £13.25)




Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival

Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival

Sparkling surprises

The Champagne and sparkling wine table was very busy. Pierre Paillard Grand Cru Champagne was thought to be really good value for money £27.55 (RRP £31.75) and a couple of sparkling wines made quite an impact:

Vinaceous Burlesque Blanc de Blanc

Vinaceous Burlesque Blanc de Blanc




Vinaceous Burlesque Blanc de Blanc Australian limited production sparkling white wine with a light creamy texture £15.75 (RRP £17.95)


Leconfield Syn Sparkling Shiraz

Leconfield Syn Sparkling Shiraz

Leconfield Syn Sparkling Shiraz another Australian sparkler, this time a sparkling red. Something a bit different to serve chilled and one of the most popular wines at the Festival £12.15 (RRP £13.95)




Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival

Wine Palate Glasgow Wine Festival


We are really delighted so many enjoyed the day, thanks to all who sent feedback. You have inspired us to organise the second Glasgow Wine Festival. Save the date! We will be at The Trades Hall of Glasgow again on Saturday 28th March 2015. Hope you can make it. Tickets will be on sale from early December.

Buy guaranteed quality wine online from








Chocolate Box Wines November Offer

November 6th, 2014
chocolate_box wine Wine Palate

Chocolate Box Wines from Wine Palate

We are delighted to say that our bestselling Chocolate Box wines are our Wines of The Month for November.

Usually we have one wine as our Wine of The Month, however it was impossible to choose only one from the Chocolate Box range as they are all so good! So throughout November we have three of these amazing award winning red wines to offer you at a very special price.

So why Chocolate Box for November? Well, the colder weather is definately creeping in! This usually means heartier dishes which look for a fuller wine to accompany. The Chocolate Box reds are a perfect match for roast beef, game and steak. Although we must say, equally as good to drink on their own – their wonderful warm, rich, chocolatey texture is very appealing on a winters night!

With all three of these wines achieving four and five star ratings by fellow wine lovers (you will find their ratings on our website), they will not disappoint.

A great opportunity to stock up on some luscious wines for the festive season, just follow the links below to take you straight to the wine page to buy now.

Chocolate Box Shiraz from Wine Palate      Chocolate Box Cabernet Sauvignon from Wine Palate  Chocolate Box GSM from Wine Palate


Remember there is no minimum order when your buy wine from Wine Palate you earn Reward Points with every purchase.



Glasgow Wine Festival With The Wine Palate

August 14th, 2014

Enjoy an amazing range of over 50 quality wines at Glasgow Wine Festival

We have something very special to share with you. For one afternoon, under one roof, we are bringing together over 50 of our top quality wines, along with the winemakers and experts for a very unique wine experience.

The Glasgow Wine FestivalWine Tasting with The Wine Palate
Saturday 18 October from 12pm– 5.30 pm Trades Hall, Glassford Street, Glasgow
Exclusive Advanced Ticket Offer from as little as £16.50

You don’t have to be a connoisseur, you simply have to like good wine. When you read more, we hope you’ll agree this represents cracking value – and not to be missed!

Sample over 50 top quality wines from some of the best wine making regions in the world – including Australia, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Lebanon, Germany and more. Served by winemakers and their representatives from the family owned and boutique vineyards who produce some of the exquisite wines in our portfolio.
Enjoy informal talks, canapés, live pianist, olive oil and Sherry tasting.

  • Take your time – explore, taste and discover at your leisure – spend time on the styles of wine you prefer, and discover wines and regions you may not have tried before.
  • Hear first hand from winemakers and their representatives how the wine is made – the passion, effort and expertise that goes into making quality wine – a very rare opportunity.
  • Learn – drop into informal talks throughout the afternoon – topics include the art of winemaking, what to look for in a quality wine, and how to pair food and wine.
  • Relax – take some time out for canapés and listen to live music from accomplished pianist Douglas Johnston.
  • Olive Oils – Sample top quality olive oils and learn about their unique characteristics.
  • Sherry tasting – Sherry is zooming back into the popularity charts – rediscover this classic from a selection of top quality producers.

Wine Tasting with The Wine Palate

What to expect on the day

The Glasgow Wine Festival opens from 12pm, and when you arrive you’ll be welcomed by our team. They’ll give you a festival guide which will include listings and notes on all the wine available to taste and enjoy – with space for your own notes. The guide will also tell you the times of the informal talks throughout the afternoon.
The afternoon is yours – take your time to sample the atmosphere of the Trades Hall, sample the wines, chat to winemakers and their representatives. Take time out for some canape’s, or listen to some of the informal talks.

You can order on the day – and we’ll be offering discounts and deals on the wines you choose.

We hope you agree this is a very tempting afternoon – but you will need to act quickly to secure your tickets.

How to book

We are offering very attractive advance discounts to customers and followers – Full price tickets are £40 but for a limited period you can pre-order for as little as £16.50.
You can book online by using the voucher codes below. Or if you prefer, call our customer service team during office hours, Mon-Fri on 0141 944 3917.

For single tickets, price is just £19 – use voucher code winefest14.
For 2 – 5 tickets the ticket price is just £18 per person – use voucher code winefest214.
For larger groups (6 and more) the ticket price is just £16.50 per person – use voucher code winefest614.
This is a strictly limited offer – so take advantage now.




Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

June 18th, 2014

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at Wine Palate UKMarlborough Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most distinctive white wines you will try. Known for it’s powerful flavours and aromas, this wine has legions of fans the world over. We take a look at why the wine is so unique and a prestigious winery at Wine Palate offering top quality Marlborough wine.

Marlborough Wine

Although winemaking in the Marlborough region dates back to the 1800’s, it was only after the succesful planting of the Sauvignon Blanc variety in the late 1980’s that the region was famed for it’s white wine. Located in the northeast area of the South Island, today the region represents almost two-thirds of the wine growing area of New Zealand and is widely regarded as the new world home of Sauvignon Blanc.

One of the wonders of winemaking is the fact that the same grape can produce a very different style of wine depending on the region where it is grown.  Sauvignon Blanc is a widely planted varietal all over the world, however when grown in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, the outcome is something quite special. The contrast between hot sunny days and cool nights allows the winemakers to extend their ripening season for the grapes. This is not possible in other parts of the world and it is this, along with very fertile ground and the unique landscape that forms a perfect place for the grapes to grow. The resulting wines are unique with wonderful full flavors and aromas.

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is known for it’s powerful, often aggressive flavours of green pepper and gooseberry. The best quality wines will however be more refined with well balanced flavours, none of which are overpowering.


Boutique Producers of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc from Wine Palate UK

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc from Wine Palate UK

A Marlborough winery of note at Wine Palate is Greywacke, producers of top quality Marlborough wines. Led by the highly acclaimed winemaker Kevin Judd, who was chief winemaker at Cloudy Bay for 25 years, Greywacke has produced world class Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc since 2009. Greywacke Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is made in limited quantities from only the best quality fruit from low yielding vines. Using old winemaking techniques combined with modern techonology, Kevin’s focus is to produce fruit driven wines that are refined in style and very drinkable.

All Greywacke boutique wines including Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are available to buy online at Wine Palate.

One of the most exciting wines of the new world, quality Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is worth discovering. Pop a few bottles in your case with your next online wine order, you won’t be disappointed.

Buy guaranteed quality Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc online at Wine Palate UK.

South African Red Wine Offers

June 14th, 2014

South African red wine is really good value. There are currently some great quality wines coming from this part of the world, so we take a closer look at the best regions and our wineries offering great value for money. click here to read our recent article on identifying  Good Quality Wines

Already great value, there is a further 10% off these wines online at Wine Palate during our South African Red Wine promotion (offer valid until 30th June). Buy South African Red Wine Offers

South African Red Wine Styles

South African Red Wine at Wine Palate UKAlthough classed as New World, South African winemaking dates back to the 1650’s and the Dutch East India traders. The climate is Mediterranean with intense heat, and most of the winemaking takes place in coastal areas to benefit from cooling sea breezes. South African red wine encompasses a variety of styles including some of the popular European varietals Merlot, Syrah or Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc from some specialists.

South Africa’s signature wine is Pinotage - a grape that originated from Stellenbosch University in the 1920s when viticulturists crossed Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Typically, Pinotage can be a described as a rustic wine with cheaper examples being light bodied with some “interesting” aromas – paint and rubber being some. Better quality Pinotage is generally favoured for its’ elegant, full and fruity style. Some examples show earthy smokey and tobacco notes.


Best value wines from small production, family owned producers

One of our South African wineries of note at Wine Palate is Lomond Estate, from the new and up and coming Cape Agulhas region. Situated in the Gansbaai area, the southernmost tip of Africa, the unique Southernly position of their vineyards, and the cooling sea breezes of the coast provides the best environment for their boutique selection of grape varietals. Lomond Estate winery focuses on sustainability, preservation and, where possible, organic and natural farming methods, resulting in a collection of unique wines that punch well above their weight at their price point.


Coming in under under £10 is their Estate range. The number of awards these wines have racked up is quite something. The labels are simple, no trumpets and fanfares here, the wines talk for themselves .

Lomond Estate Merlot £9.25 offer price £8.33

Lomond Estate Syrah £9.95 offer price £8.96


Decanter bronze medalBronze Sommelier Wine Award


From the Stellenbosch region, the stunning Mooiplaas Estate (meaning beautiful farm) and private nature reserve produces environmentally friendly, artisan SA wines.  Owned and managed by the Roos family for over 50 years, their much acclaimed wines are winning awards the world over.  Amazingly, you can buy their wines from under £10. Take a look at The Coco Chocolate Merlot and The Bean Pinotage  impressive wines for their price point.

(They also offer a stunning limited production sparkling wine Mooiplaas Duel Brut made using the champagne method, at a price tag of £16.96, well under what you would expect to pay for a decent Champagne).


Worldclass South African Red Wine

The Stellenbosch region is also home to a winemaker who has a worldwide reputation, and something of a cult following. Bruwer Raats of Raats Wines has been quoted as “one of the greatest winemakers of the Southern hemisphere” and his South African red wine is in a league its’ own.

His MR de Compostella red wine (meaning “Combination of Stars”, named after the five “star” Bordeaux varietals in the wine) was served at Raats Compostella Raats Compostellathe captains dinner at the FIFA world cup in 2010, and named “The Most Memorable Wine In The World” by The Wine Advocate. Press recognition and wine industry awards for this wine have been phenomenal, and rightly so – this is a wine of outstanding quality.

Listen to Bruwer discussing his Compostella in this short video clip when the wine was listed in the Top 100 Wines of South Africa

At RRP of £49.95, Raats Compostella would easily match some of the best Bordeaux retailing for twice this price.  This limited production, exclusive wine has sold out worldwide, thankfully at Wine Palate we reserved a few bottles for release now! As part of our South African red wine promotion there is a further 10% off our normal selling price of £37.96, a saving of £15.77 a bottle. Raats Compostella can be matured over 10 years (2021) if stored correctly.


Some of the best value wine around, South African red wine is well worth considering for your next wine purchase, with a further 10% off at Wine Palate online, buy some outstanding quality wine today.


Wine Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

May 31st, 2014

A Father’s Day gift with a difference – music to your ears!

Order by midday June 10th for guaranteed delivery before June 14th

Wines that rock

Wines That Rock

This Father’s Day, we have wine gift ideas that are both unique and great quality – musically inspired wine and a free wine gift box with your order.

Dad’s face will light up when he uncorks one of the Wines that Rock series. From top Californian producers Parducci, Wines that Rock are award winning wines with quirky label artwork reproduced from iconic album covers by the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Police and Grateful Dead.

Wines That Rock Pink Floyd Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines That Rock Pink Floyd Cabernet Sauvignon £14.95










Wines That Rock Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot £14.95

Wines That Rock Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot £14.95


Wine Gift Ideas Claymore Wines from £12.46

Wine Gift Idea Claymore Wines from £12.46

Claymore You'll Never Walk Alone GSM

Claymore You’ll Never Walk Alone GSM


Or,  if you are looking for a different genre try the fabulous music themed range from Australian boutique winery Claymore. Their Purple Rain Sauvignon Blanc, or the Lou Reed inspired Walk on the Wild Side Shiraz are top quality wines from some of the best wine making regions of Australia.
There’s also Gerry and the Pacemakers 60’s anthem You’ll never walk alone GSM in the range, a Liverpool FC themed label with the legendary Bill Shankly.


Centre Stage on Father’s Day


Vinaceous Wines at Wine Palate

Vinaceous Wines from £13.64

If names like Raconteur, Snake Charmer and Shakre don’t grab your attention, then the 30’s and 40’s theatre and circus style labels on the exciting Vinaceous wines range most certainly will. The labels represent different mythical personalities such as angels, mermaids, snake charmers and fire eaters – and are sure to be a talking point.

But it’s not just the labels, the wines themselves are something special. Distinctive and expressive, they come from Margaret River in Australia – somewhat of a benchmark for top quality boutique wine. They make a gift with a unique personality.

A Silky Smooth Chocolate Treat For Fathers Day

Or how about a silky smooth Chocolate Box with a difference?

Chocolate Box Wine Gift Ideas
Fit to grace the most discerning of wine glasses, and with very distinctive 50’s style labels, they are ideal wine gift ideas.
There are three to choose from (or you can have a mixed case of 6 or 12) – Cabernet Sauvignon, GSM or Shiraz. All gorgeous wines, which is why they have established a cult status, and are some of the most popular wines among our customers.

They have won lots of awards too – so it’s a gift that’s sure to impress. A sumptuous treat, and well worth the £13.25 price point.


Check out our full range of Wine Gift Ideas online  to create your own custom order, then look forward to giving a gift with a difference on Fathers Day.

Remember to order by Tuesday midday June 10th for guaranteed delivery before June 14th!


Wine Gift Box – Free offer

Wine Offers Free Wine Gift Box at Wine Palate UK

Mix your own case of six wines (with a couple of bottles earmarked for Dad) – and we will throw in a free double bottle gift box worth £3.95, but hurry – it’s a limited offer.

Whether Dad likes to put his feet up with a glass of Merlot, Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc, the wine is guaranteed to impress, and the gift box will complete your gift with style.